A Change Agent is Coming

How does one tell the story of beauty? If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, like the saying goes, then there are countless interpretations of how to share a tale of beauty with others. However, with all the negativity present in television and various other media platforms, one might think that sensationalism and consumerism have put out the light that shines on what is truly beautiful. The answer doesn’t come from a popular social influencer and can’t be found in another smokey-eye tutorial. It needs to come from somewhere new and meaningful. The beauty industry is in desperate need of a change agent. That’s where Beauty Network comes in.

The mission of Beauty Network® is to return the spotlight to beauty in all the places where it exists and conventional media has failed to properly reveal it. Beauty Everywhere® defines our mission to bring beauty back to television and other platforms of streaming media by finding that beauty and sharing it with our viewers.

The vision of Beauty Network® is guided by Rob E. Angelino, the CEO responsible for building multiple successful beauty and medical industry companies from the ground up. Beauty, medical, and regenerative medicine brands owned and operated by Rob E. Angelino include Best Hair Transplant , BeautyMD , and Cell.MD. Formerly United Global Media Group, Inc. now Angelino Media, LLC , has many other successfully completed projects under its belt including Salon TV and CompuCast Technologies .

Streaming Everywhere

Beauty Everywhere® is streaming everywhere. It appears on platforms such as Roku, Samsung TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, YouTube, and Google Chromecast. Other new OTT TV platforms are soon to follow.

While streaming online media is the direction of the future, Beauty Network® also has planned partnerships with cable, satellite, and telco partners. Additionally, Beauty Network will be available as in-flight entertainment. Available on multiple platforms and online devices, there’s no place you won’t be able to find Beauty Network®.

Balance of Live & On-Demand Media

Netflix pioneered the usage of on-demand content to engage with users on their schedule. A true change agent. They decided to make content and timing work for their consumers; not against them. Now, content consumers could watch whatever they wanted to whenever it was convenient. This change forced cable networks to take notice and provide comparable solutions for their viewers.

Beauty Network, Beauty TV, and Beauty Channel will be no exception. Our aim is to become a change agent in the beauty industry; just at Netflix changed the tv consumption landscape. We’ll create the perfect harmony between linear television and on-demand entertainment.

Beauty Network® will premier its latest content live through all the platforms described previously. Additionally, it will also have a network space for users to access previously aired content on-demand at home or on-the-go.

The Beauty Channel® will be the ultimate content aggregator of everything beauty. From interviews with beauty product movers and shakers in the industry like John Paul DeJoria to social media influencers and stars like Bethany Mota & Kelly Osbourne, the Beauty Channel® will deliver an abundance of quality content every time. The Beauty TV Minute is one such example of the daily Beauty Channel® lineup. The Beauty TV Minute will feature a hot topic of the day in the beauty industry. You can find several legacy Beauty TV® clips on our YouTube channel.

Original Content

The decisions by leaders of successful companies are made by answering at least one major question. Additionally, they must fulfill a need. Often times, this need is not yet known or publicly recognized to exist. An industry disruptor or change agent is known for essentially coming into an industry and changing the question. Consequently, they change the name of the game altogether.

When Netflix became a major industry disruptor, they did so by changing a fundamental question. “Where do I go to watch good content?” suddenly became “why should I even leave my home to do so?” When Netflix became a streaming media behemoth that few could even attempt to compete with, the question changed to, “how can we better provide quality content to our users at a better price?” The answer is original content. With shows like Stranger Things, House of Cards, and Orange Is the New Black, Netflix has defined itself as a unique provider of quality content that can’t be found anywhere else.

Potential Developments

Beauty Network® intends to establish itself as well with a variety of original content. The original series WaterSigns is one such example. The pilot for WaterSigns introduces Ellie Manor, a recent transplant who came to LA to sing. However, her stage fright keeps her behind the scenes as a writer. Ellie struggles to find fame and love in a city where both appear to be everywhere. Meanwhile, to her dismay, she finds them nowhere.

All original content and aggregated content will be provided from diverse sources to appeal to a multicultural audience. One current concept in development is Teen Beauty TV, developed specifically for the younger demographic. Our goal is to make Beauty Network® as diverse and beautiful as you. Beauty TV Latino and Beauty TV Asia are also in the works.

Groundbreaking Advertising Opportunities

Long before Burger King made waves with its unique commercial meant to take control of Google Home devices to describe the ingredients of a Whopper, Beauty Network® was testing out a new mobile application that used audio watermarking to display ads. Beam and Redeem® is still in the works. However, the plan is to utilize audio watermarking through this mobile app to display ads during programming.

Plenty of studies show that more television viewers are utilizing a second screen while watching their favorite shows. Mobile phones are the most common. Users will be incentivized by unique offers and coupons displayed using Beam and Redeem while watching Beauty Network®. The first test run of Beam and Redeem utilized audio watermarking in the show WaterSigns. For example, margarita recipes and coupons were displayed while the main characters are drinking Patrón tequila.

Beyond unique and original advertising means, Beauty Network® will utilize traditional commercial advertising, sponsored content, and more. This will make this network the ultimate advertising platform for the beauty industry while maintaining high engagement from its audience. A true change agent when it comes to beauty promotion and advertising.

Beauty Network® Will Become a Change Agent in the Beauty Industry

The ultimate problem facing the beauty industry is that content is fragmented among platforms. Every major beauty company is competing against the rest to be the best. There’s no single place where beauty content can be aggregated from multiple sources. Furthermore, there’s no place it can be commented on through a 24/7 platform in a cohesive, professional, and engaging way.

Beauty Network® will solve this problem and be an industry disruptor – change agent by becoming a leading content aggregator and original content provider for the beauty industry while forming partnerships with beauty companies and advertisers.

The next step for Beauty Network® is finding other like-minded individuals to share our vision. To be a change agent in the industry. To bring beauty to the world through this unique new platform.

Qualifying experience is varied, but having a history of work in the beauty industry is essential. Additionally, Rob E. Angelino is specifically seeking professional guidance from current or former female cable executives and Silicon Valley influencers. Ideally, individuals will have a tech and beauty background along with experience creating programming that appeals specifically to women.

For questions or inquiries, please reach out to Rob E. Angelino via LinkedIn.