We’ve witnessed many revolutions in recent years that have impacted the way we seek entertainment and make buying decisions. Redbox and Netflix easily stand out for their groundbreaking impact on renting movies and streaming content. Amazon, another streaming content behemoth, also revolutionized the way we make purchases online. Consequently, their influence on the market impacted the closing of toy store giant Toys R’ Us. With that in mind, we must ask another question. “What impact have these revolutions had on the face of beauty?

Previously, we discussed some of this in detail in our article Redefining Beauty and How It’s Marketed. However, more remains to be said. More explored. To change the face of beauty, we must draw more exposure to less-represented brands. The mainstream beauty industry goliaths are doing just fine. So, how can we create a platform for independent companies that offers a fair chance at competing in a market that often keeps them in the shadows?

The New Face of Beauty

Beauty Everywhere® embodies the mission of Beauty TV® to find beauty in all the places it exists. To change the face of beauty and share it with the world. As independent companies show more and more promise to be the beauty industry leaders of tomorrow, we believe that these companies along with our individual readers and viewers on our YouTube channel are the face of beauty. In other words, it’s in the hands of you – the little guy. However, we’re hear to help.

Our audience will shape Beauty Network’s content. Concurrently, we hope to shape their perspectives regarding the new face of beauty. In other words, our goal as a media company is to offer as much a perspective on beauty as possible. By creating this perfect harmony of beauty, reflection, and insight, we feel we can create an original network. One that views its audience as the true face of beauty.

The Booming Beauty Industry and Opportunities for Independent Companies

The continued rise of the internet and the booming of the beauty industry, now worth over $445 billion, has made it the perfect place to start a business. It’s also an increasingly good place to sell a business, with 62 privately held beauty companies being acquired in 2016. This shows a 38% increase from the previous year and a record since 2012, per analytics firm CBS Insights.

With innovation being the name of the game, such as increased attention to virtual and augmented reality in connecting to users, it’s no surprise that independent businesses are coming up with solutions the major companies want and are willing to pay for.

This is all positive. However, the increase in acquisitions of privately held companies speaks volumes about their ability to compete. Let’s face it. Many private beauty businesses would love to be purchased by one of the big boys. In fact, that’s often their plan. After all, who doesn’t like a nice paycheck? However, the fact that many are choosing this option rather than enjoying the benefits of being a successful independent company draws questions to their trust in their ability to continually compete.

People Need Answers

From previous outreach regarding our LinkedIn articles, we’ve gotten numerous responses from independent companies. And many of them ask the same thing. How can Beauty Network make it easier for these small to medium-sized businesses to compete on a level playing field.

The answer could be found in partnerships or innovative solutions. Creating unity between streaming content and advertising opportunity. As a result, all brands are given the chance to be heard.

Companies like Amazon have already proven this is possible through their creation of a platform that serves as a level playing field for independent companies and big brands alike. Our goal is to present our own platform as a change agent for the beauty industry, thereby allowing independent beauty companies the opportunity to sell their products with support from Beauty Network’s streaming content. By using the methodologies of a branded or sponsored content approach, we feel we can create a seamless streaming experience and buying process.

Revolutionary Ideas Will Change the Face of Beauty

Beam and Redeem was a revolutionary audio-watermarking concept developed long before Alexa was developed. This was another way Rob E. Angelino (founder of Beauty Network) sought to allow original content to be a form of branded or sponsored content without interrupting the story being told on screen. It allowed an app such as one on a cell phone to utilize audio-watermarking during a program to display a coupon for the item mentioned in the video. The app conceptualized a great marketing tool for advertisers and users alike. Incentivizes of coupons for their favorite products.

Additionally, Beam and Redeem also utilized principles of the second-screen concept. This trend was still undiscovered as a user behavior worth noticing. Second-screen relates to a user engaging with a cell phone or other media device while watching cable or other streaming content.

Bringing these kinds of revolutionary ideas to the table and forming the right partnerships is how we’ll bridge the gap between the beauty industry’s growth and the opportunity present for independent beauty companies. We are currently developing such partnerships now to further these ideas and look forward to giving you more information on our progress!

Beauty TV and You

As we’ve stated in our original piece on Beauty Network, our goal is to be a beauty industry change agent. A content aggregator that showcases beauty from everywhere it can be found. This includes contributions from our users that will enhance our network while also creating a platform for self-expression.

We’re currently exploring potential partnerships with companies that may be able to streamline the user experience and ability to impact the network as well as help create it. We see this as possible by continuing to develop our own social media platforms (YouTubeFacebook, and Twitter). In the meantime, we’ll continue connecting with companies with their own beauty-centric platforms. Ultimately, our goal is to share our content and engage with our users.

Learn More About Beauty Network

We’d like to thank all our readers for their continued support. We can’t thank you enough for all the overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve been getting sharing our journey with you. Additionally, we look forward to sharing more stories on Beauty Network and where we will be going from here. Furthermore, we look forward to sharing more information with you in the coming months!

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