This week, we began filming the long-anticipated series Down The K-Hole. This series has been in the works for quite some time and as you can imagine, we’re all thrilled to finally begin production. The shoot will last for three consecutive days. Shooting of the series takes place in Hermosa Beach, CA.

The series stars Rob E. Angelino and soap opera favorite Kyle Lowder. The pilot episode was written by Sadie Katz and directed by Myles Reiff. Additionally, a number of talented actors, newcomers, and special guests make an appearance in the show.

Jennifer Coll, founder of Avery Rose Lingerie stars as Rich’s wife Jacklyn Crawford. Additionally, Robert Rhine, founder and publisher of Girls & Corpses magazine, stars at the eccentric Ketamine therapist Dr. Spellman. Finally, famed sex columnist and model Erika Jordan fills the role of Nurse Vikkie.

It’s quite an eclectic cast and a diverse team of industry pros. And that makes it all the more fun! All the more enjoyable! All the more exciting!

About Down The K-Hole

Rich Crawford (Rob E. Angelino), a wealthy, unhappy, conflicted Manhattan Beach, CA beauty industry businessman at his wit’s end decides to use unconventional therapy to search for truth and enlightenment and deal with a dysfunctional, complex loveless marriage.

He soon finds himself being turned to the dark side at the suggestion of his best bud Sean (Kyle Lowder) seeking understanding, and quick complex encounters with wife and teens, friends, women, nurse, doctor and his buddy Sean soon follow.

Inspiration for the Series

Filmed at the $20,000,000 High House Estate in Hermosa Beach, Down the K-Hole is a hyper-autobiographical story inspired by and modeled after the real-life experiences of actor Rob E. Angelino.

A fictional take on dating and life in Los Angeles, Down the K-Hole explores the dysfunctional Southern California beach city culture, mentality, family, and overall insanity of one powerful man’s struggle with powerlessness to survive and function through a midlife crisis.

The Cast of Down The K-Hole

  • Rob E. Angelino as Rich Crawford
  • Kyle Lowder as Sean
  • Jennifer Coll as Jacklyn Crawford
  • Caleb Thomas as Wolfie Crawford
  • Bella Sommer as Jade Crawford
  • Augie Duke as Cristal
  • Erika Jordan as Nurse Vikkie
  • Robert Rhine as Dr. Spellman

Keep up to date for further developments on Down the K-Hole. We expect the trailer will be released a few months from the wrap date. For more information about Down the K-Hole, you can visit the show’s official website. You can also find out more by visiting the show’s IMDB page.