Hair for the People

Hair for the people is a charity project in which patients with limited means are given hair restoration “scholarships” to get the surgical procedures they’re in need of. The program was started by Rob Angelino after the 2008 financial crash. As you can imagine, there was little change in the number of people suffering from hair loss and balding during that time. However, due to financial constraints, many patients who would have been able to afford their procedures were no longer able to do so. Hair for the People was started to ensure that those people had a fair chance and were given a helping hand in a trying time.

During the time that Hair for the People was running, Best Hair Transplant gave away nine transplant procedures for free. This was a total value of nearly $100,000. Recipients included both men and women. After all, hair loss is not just a male-centric issue. Patients had a range of hair loss circumstances. The extensiveness of hair loss was a determining factor in who was selected for the transplant scholarships. Additionally, some patients were selected due to life events as well.

While Hair for the People has not offered any scholarships since 2013, that doesn’t mean it won’t in the future. If you feel you may be in need of financial assistance for a hair transplant procedure, you’re encouraged to reach out to Best Hair Transplant in Redondo Beach.

A Strong Belief in Charity & Donation

Rob E. Angelino and Angelino Media, LLC are dedicated to sharing our gifts, talents, and good fortune with those in need. After all, a strong community builds a better society. The better we treat each other, the better the world will be.

For more information on Angelino Media‘s various charitable ventures and supported organizations, visit Rob’s Charity page. Finally, If you or an organization you know about may benefit from our charitable assistance, please submit a detailed inquiry. You can use this site’s Contact page to do so. We’ll review each application as quickly as possible. Then, we’ll reach back out to qualified recipients.