The early 2000s were a tumultuous time in America. The United States had just been the victim of the deadliest terrorist attack in the country’s history. Then, the country was thrust into war. As a result, a whole new generation of young men and women were sent off to Afghanistan and Iraq to defend the people of those countries from tyrannical forces of evil.

Meanwhile, Rob E. Angelino had recently begun his work in the hair transplant industry. Soon, he would open his own clinic where he provided the men and women of Los Angeles and beyond hair transplants at a low-cost price point. The goal was to ensure that the procedure was available to everyone who wanted it. Not just the wealthy. After all, everyone deserves to have the self esteem, self worth, and self image they desire.

Then, as soldiers who had served our nation began to return, that got Rob to thinking. Many of these dedicated service men and women were returning from a hostile environment. Some were injured physically. Others mentally; haunted by PTSD. As you can imagine, these members of the military had a lot of adjustments to make. Some more than others. Additionally, many of them returned to financial hardship; something no military service member should have to deal with.

Hair for the Troops Begins

It was then that Rob decided to open up a charitable scholarship program to give deserving veterans the opportunity to receive complimentary hair transplant surgeries. After all, they had given so much for their country. Rob simply wanted to return the favor.

At that point, Hair for the Troops was born. Rob put out the word that U.S. military service members could apply for the program. Some applicants were suffering from PTSD and needed a confidence boost. A way to help them readjust, reinvent themselves and move on with their lives. Others had suffered an injury during battle. Finally, some had been dealing with hair loss from a young age. They had families, and bills and simply couldn’t afford to expend the extra cash. Lucky for them, Rob’s Hair for the Troops program came to answer the call.

Soon, Rob began offering complimentary hair transplants, beard transplants, and eyebrow transplant procedures. He did so through his company Best Hair Transplant. Frequently, he collaborated with the Beauty Bus Foundation to offer hair transplant services via silent auction. Through the Hair for the Troops program and Beauty Bus Foundation, Rob was able to donate nine hair transplant procedures to members of the armed forces valued at a total of nearly $100,000.

A Strong Belief in Charity & Donation

Rob E. Angelino and Angelino Media, LLC are dedicated to sharing our gifts, talents, and good fortune with those in need. After all, a strong community builds a better society. The better we treat each other, the better the world will be.

For more information on Angelino Media‘s various charitable ventures and supported organizations, visit Rob’s Charity page. Finally, If you or an organization you know about may benefit from our charitable assistance, please submit a detailed inquiry. You can use this site’s Contact page to do so. We’ll review each application as quickly as possible. Then, we’ll reach back out to qualified recipients.