This has been a long time coming. Like, a really long time. The official website of Rob E. Angelino is finally here. And yes we know. It took a really long time. However, it’s not like he’s been lazing about.

Rob has been focused on a number of different projects. And with each of those projects, comes another website to develop, manage, and update with new content. Naturally, things fall to the wayside. And sometimes, that happens to be your own website. After all, it’s common to focus on so many things you forget to focus on yourself. Well. Here we are. Case in point.

Rob’s New Website

The purpose of Rob’s new website is threefold. First off, it’s a hub for all of his projects. And there are lots of them… with more coming all the time. Second, Rob wanted a place to showcase his work in the film and television industry. Finally, he wanted a way to reach out to the public. To create a space online where people could reach out directly to him. Whether business-related, production-related, or just to hear from fans, Rob had a desire to reach out and let others reach back out to him. This new website is the result.

Until now, Rob’s company website for Angelino Media has been the go-to place for information on all of his business ventures and projects. However, he felt it was high time to get deeper. To offer the public a place where they could learn about his projects but also about him.

Navigating the Website

This new website has a number of sections to peruse. There are a variety of options to learn more about Rob E. Angelino. To see what makes him tick. You can find out information about Rob’s personal story in his Biography section. Additionally, you can read about Rob’s views on navigating life and business on his Philosophy page. Finally, you can read about Rob’s commitment to social service and related projects on his Charity page.

Next, for those looking to book Rob for a television, film, or spokesperson position, we have included two handy sections. On his Resume page, you can see all of Rob’s training, education, and real-life acting experience. You can also download a digital copy of this information. Additionally, we have a section of press photos, logos, and graphics. You can find these files in his Press Kit.

Then, we have a helpful list of links to all of Rob’s various business endeavors and current projects. There, you’ll find links to Beauty Network (including Beauty TV & Beauty Channel), Best Hair Transplant, Cell MD, Laser Cap Me, Mas Cabello, Regen LA, and Stem Cells LA.

Lastly, you have the News tab. Here, you’ll be able to keep up on all the latest news involving Rob E. Angelino, his life, and his companies. Topics will include general news and information, acting and film, business, charitable works, personal life, outside press coverage, and more.

Get in Contact with Rob E. Angelino

Of course, what would a good website be without contact information?

If you’d like to get in touch with Rob E. Angelino, please follow the link below. Rob is available for film and television projects and is open to inquiries about various business ventures. Please visit Rob’s social media channels for more up-to-date information on his latest projects and on-screen appearances.

If you’re interested in reaching out regarding business ventures, please include detailed information in the contact form provided on this contact page. Finally, you can also reach out to Rob on his LinkedIn page.