Previously, the term ‘Original Series’ felt like the cherry on top when networks like Showtime and HBO used it to describe their program lineups in the late 90s and early 2000s. Those of us who have abandoned the traditional network television model for streaming giants like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon may still remember the way tv networks leveraged original content as a unique way to compete.

Sure, we may remember Showtime and HBO as “the movie channels” when we remember those days of television network dependency. However, we ultimately made our buying decisions based on the programming we were interested in. The programming that couldn’t be found anywhere else. Both networks would eventually air the same movies. In the end, one network allowed us to catch up on the latest episode of our favorite show.

The Beauty Network® looks to explore this buying decision and how streaming media has returned the focus to original content. As such, the development of original content is an essential component of The Beauty Network program lineup.

Beauty Network is always looking for creative individuals with experience writing for television to be involved in the creation of a Beauty TV original series. Please check out our site Beauty.Network and use our contact form for more information. Writers are welcome to reach out to us. We may be able to work with one another.

A Brief Recent History of Streaming Media

When Netflix entered the picture as a media aggregator, their ability to become the streaming behemoth they are today was greatly underestimated. Blockbuster is an obvious example of a company that didn’t notice the tides were changing. Additionally, when it became more obvious, the failed to adjust their course in time. Had they seen what was coming, perhaps they could have leveraged their own property and content rights better. As a result, they may have prevented Netflix from growing so fast.

But it wasn’t just Blockbuster that felt the pain. Disney, Showtime, HBO, and others have had to adjust their content strategies at a rapid-fire pace. Focus had to shift. It was necessary in order to prevent themselves from being the next networks washed up on the shore. In the global shift of strategy regarding the accessibility of original content, Netflix also had to adapt.

Lately, it seems every time I watch a movie or show that isn’t part of Netflix’s original lineup, I’m presented with a reminder. The show will only be available for a limited time. Simultaneously, Netflix is doing more with their interface to promote their own original content. They are even testing skippable video promotions between episodes and movies on Netflix. Meanwhile, they swear up and down that they are not commercials.

The New Paradigm

What we are seeing in this shift is a return to the focus of original content. Additionally, there’s a newly-added strategy regarding accessibility. As “cord-cutting” becomes more and more prominent, it’s clear that we want our relationship with our entertainment providers to be “no strings attached”.

Give me the content I want. Make it easy to watch. And don’t hold me in an endless contract bundled with other programming I don’t need. This is the future Beauty Network understands. The future we seek to embrace with an unrivaled original content lineup.

Beauty Network Original Content

In our first article, “Beauty Network®: The Industry Change Agent for Beauty,” we discussed the importance of original content. Additionally, we talked about our first Beauty Network exclusive, “WaterSigns”. Beyond our desire to be a leader in media aggregation alongside giants like Netflix and Amazon, we also aim to match and even surpass expectations in the realm of original series.

Beyond WaterSigns, we are currently putting together a variety of original content offerings meant to appeal to a variety of demographics. Beauty Everywhere® can only truly be expressed to all audiences if the face of beauty is defined by multiple ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, beliefs, and religious backgrounds. Our content has and will always be developed by a team as diverse as the ideas we put out to the world.

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