The Industry is Redefining Beauty Standards

It takes a strong mind and confidence to spark a revolution. We discussed this in our article “Beauty Has No Room for Misogyny” and the strong women behind the #MeToo movement. Additionally, we talked about how we avoided working with someone that stood against everything this movement and Beauty Network stands for. Beyond the #MeToo movement and the exposed, bigoted individual we avoided doing business with, we discussed how the perception and presentation of women are changing in the media we consume. How the industry is redefining beauty.

It’s obvious in both film and television. Additionally, we’re seeing it in the marketing efforts of organizations in a variety of other industries. No longer is beauty only presented on a size zero model… and that’s a great step forward in a culture that can be seen worldwide.

But how else is beauty changing? On what principles was Beauty Network founded to be a change agent for beauty? We’d like to discuss some of them to give you an idea of how we’re looking to transform the presentation of beauty in media.

Redefining Beauty Through Passion

An important aspect of redefining beauty is the ability to inspire passion, particularly through the passion exuded by the subject. This is as important in the content presented as the people behind the content.

Rob E. Angelino, CEO of Angelino Media, learned this lesson when working on various projects, particularly during his efforts building Salon TV, a company built from the ground up into a successful media channel that was later sold in 2006. Passion was an essential element of Salon TV. The concept required a passion for and genuine understanding of the salon industry.

The Vision for Salon TV

Salon TV aimed to be a leader in place-based media. The goal? Solving a problem that upscale salons faced. How do you upsell your customer on better beauty products or hairstyles without interrupting the flow of the client-stylist relationship? Think about this. When most people are sitting in the salon chair, they don’t want to be sold products and styles. They want to talk about their lives, gossip, and enjoy the experience they have in building a genuine relationship. However, the opportunity was still there. It just needed to be explored and implemented in a way that seemed logical and natural. The answer to this need was Salon TV.

The idea behind Salon TV was simple. Provide a one-stop destination for everything related to the salon industry. From beauty products to hairstyling, this content would be viewable all while the client was waiting to get their hair styling done. This allowed the client to be educated on all the products offered by the salon without having to discuss them with the stylist. When they sat in the chair, they already knew what they wanted. Understandably, only the most passionate people involved in Salon TV who knew the industry through and through could make the company what it was.

From experiences like this, Rob learned to only work with passionate people who love what they do. Beauty Network worked with a variety of social media influencers, interns, and celebrities in the beauty industry. As unique as they all may be, they all have one quality in common: passion. From our beauty tips to our celebrity interviews, our content flows with passion. Check out our channel as it evolves. We’ve been busy establishing new media, collaborating partnerships and commercial programs.

Trust Your Instincts

Long before Victoria’s Secret discovered that some of their models should look like the real women who purchase their products, Rob E. Angelino was aware that a shift was occurring. How women should and would be presented in media. Beyond the shift of the spotlight to real women and a different take on beauty, Rob could see a shift in gender identity was coming as well.

With the rise in popularity of beauty industry trans models and social media influencers like Gigi Gorgeous, it is apparent that a shift has been long coming. Over the past 15 years of work with Best Hair Transplant, an affordable hair transplant clinic in Redondo Beach, Rob noticed an increase in the number of gender reassignment patients.

An expert shouldn’t tell you the same thing you’ve been hearing for years. An expert should be ahead of the curve. They must be able to see when something new is on the horizon. However, what holds back many social revolutions are the people who swear a revolution isn’t coming. Or worse, the people who refuse to allow it to happen. Frequently, beauty industry “experts” who claim to have years of experience are often guilty of this crime. Sometimes, redefining beauty is best left to change agents. Those with big, bold, progressive ideas.

Take Chances

From his work with Salon TV to his consulting with hedge funds through UG Media, now Angelino Media, LLC, Rob has worked with many individuals who were happy to “play it safe” and not try new things. Through this, Rob learned to trust his gut and to bring others to the team that have a similar mindset.

Beauty Network is the culmination of years of experience Rob E. Angelino has gathered in learning to believe in and stand behind a unique vision of beauty that stays true to his heart and the changes coming to this industry.

There Are Risks

Finally, no revolution comes without risk. The brave women who came forward in the #MeToo movement faced ridicule. However, they changed industries and stripped seemingly untouchable men from power. The first marketing companies to stray away from traditional models in fashion and beauty-focused media faced a potential loss of brand identity. In the end, they shifted the accessibility and profitability of their organizations.

However, not everyone who takes chances succeeds. Ultimately, the revolution wins and culture is changed forever. In the meantime, some people and organizations may be destroyed or left in exile. Such is the natural order of social progress. Beauty Network believes in taking risks because we know that we are a change agent and will ultimately succeed.

We would like to thank all our readers for their continued support and all the positive feedback we’ve been getting from sharing our journey with you. We look forward to sharing more stories on Beauty Network and where we will be going from here.