Rob is a real “Angeleno” having been born in Los Angeles in the early ’60s. During his early years, his family traveled between California, Texas, Minnesota, Kansas & Juarez, Mexico. Being bilingual served to be a great advantage growing up in Los Angeles, Inglewood, and finally settling in Anaheim California just around the corner from Disneyland.

Early Life

He grew up being a natural salesman and learning the optical business as a dispensing optician from his hard-working father. His Mexican mother raised him and his sister and was very strict insisting that he keep his room immaculate and that he keep up his Spanish skills. During his early teens, Rob was inspired by Hugh Hefner admiring his work as an editor, writer, humanitarian, and entrepreneur overcoming adversity and public scrutiny launching Playboy magazine.

After high school, Rob tried his hand at college. However, he realized early on that it just wasn’t for him. He wanted to get out into the real world and make money, enjoyed the nightlife, and was very carefree with life like most 20-year-olds.

Rob Begins Acting

In 1980 at 20 years old, Rob was bitten by the acting bug after watching Richard Gere star in American Gigolo. Sylvester Stallone and John Travolta influenced him as well. He learned early on that working out and maintaining a fitness regimen were of the utmost importance.

Rob began acting classes at the Actors Workshop in Laguna Hills and earned his SAG/AFTRA union card in 1982. Soap operas and other various bit parts on tv shows soon followed. In the 1990’s Rob got his first real tv network role-playing opposite the late Miguel Ferrer. Miguel encouraged Rob to move to LA and join his scene study class run by Lynette Katselas.

Business, Business, Business

Rob always remained a businessman so he never had to rely on being a starving actor while pursuing his dreams. He always had his freedom. Having been involved with brokering microchips & semiconductors, solar, and eventually, he developed a relational database program for actors called Compucast in the early 1990s.

By the mid-’90s, on a scuba diving vacation, Rob met his then-wife at Club Med Turks & Caicos ??. Later on, he was presented with an investment opportunity in the Beauty industry. He created a narrowcasting satellite channel direct to salons across the USA. The company failed but Rob created a new company called Salon TV partnered with Boeing’s DigitalXpress.

He eventually sold Salon TV in the early 2000s. This led to an interest in getting more involved in the self-improvement sector of the beauty industry. Later, started a hair transplant company called Best Hair Transplants. He also became fascinated with regenerative medicine, anti-aging, and stem cell therapy in order to possibly help with diabetes and minimize future side effects.

During this time Rob realized that the internet and broadband streaming speeds were becoming capable of broadcasting video content. You no longer needed a satellite, phone, or cable company’s permission to enter the industry. Beauty TV soon followed and is currently part of the Beauty Network and owned and operated by Angelino Media LLC.

Current Endeavors

Angelino Media has partnered with creative director and celebrity style icon Nicola Formichetti. Formichetti is the style consultant to Lady GaGa, Jennifer Lopez, and Gwen Stefanie. Additionally, Rob recently produced an stared in the TV pilot “Down the K-Hole.” Other TV projects are currently in pre-production.

Get in Contact with Rob E. Angelino

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